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Sylvan management is very fortunate to have a diverse mix of highly-qualified, well trained and experienced staff with hundreds of years of combined experience in process control solutions and service.

Our mix of highly experienced leaders and young vibrant talent enables Sylvan to internally train, mentor and develop our staff to meet the high customer service standards expected in today’s market.

We Embrace Diversity

We value diversity and embrace how our operations are improved daily by the mix of genders, religions, origins, and race in our staff. We promote equal opportunities and non- discrimination, focusing our recruitment and evaluation of performance only in our employee’s talent, education, personal qualifications and set of skills for the job.

Our Benefits

Sylvan is very proud to offer extensive training opportunities to our employees.  From our 100% company paid university and college course offerings to our manufacturer’s factory product and application training to our internal product, industry, business, health & safety, quality assurance and risk management training our Sylvan employees truly have an opportunity to grow into key contributors to our industry and to determine their own career path.

In Sylvan, we are able to offer our full-time employees a strong benefits package which includes Health, Dental, Travel, LTD and Life Insurance coverage as well as access to a second medical opinion, mental health and addictions counselling.

Our Values Guide Us

Everyone in our Sylvan’s team is committed and connected by the same values, and this is a fact we are proud of.

  • Trust: the cornerstone value of Sylvan Automation and its relationships and processes. Due to the trust we build, our employees, customers and manufacturing partners can rest easy knowing we will go the extra step in meeting all of their needs.  To maintain and grow this trust relationship, we strive to uphold our values and follow through on our commitments.
  • Accountability:  being accountable means standing by decisions, actions, and the overall well-being of projects. Accountability addresses both Sylvan Automation’s expectation of the employee and the employee’s expectation of the organization.
  • Partnership:  the success of Sylvan Automation is largely dependent upon the partnerships we forge.  The core values of trust, accountability, quality, and hard work, as well as the intelligence and passion our employees display on a daily basis are key drivers in achieving partnerships with our customers, manufacturing partners, fellow employees and business associates.
  • Quality:  Sylvan Automation considers quality as a trait that affects all aspects of our operations.  Quality directly affects our customer partnerships and the level of trust they place in our employees and organization.  Quality is achieved through leadership, passion, education, experience, empowerment, responsibility and accountability.
  • Hard Work: at Sylvan Automation hard work means more than simply giving additional effort; it represents attitude and desire.  It reflects a “do what needs to be done” mentality, a willingness to roll up your sleeves and solve problems, and a need to get the job done right.  Hard workers set standards and examples for other associates, build team spirit and help eliminate weak links.  They exhibit passion and willingness and are never satisfied.  They know nothing worthwhile is easy and working hard opens the doors to achievement, success and fulfillment.

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