The Jamesbury® Figure 1057 Automatic Safety Shut Off valves are CSA approved to meet American National Standards Institute and CSA International Standards Specification Z21.21/CSA 6.5 Automated Valves for Gas Appliances and CGA3.9-M94 Automated Safety Shut Off Gas Valves for providing protection against hazards during operation of fuel systems or fuel burning equipment. The valves will operate quickly to isolate or vent upon loss of electrical signal, and operate to isolate or vent if the instrument air pressure is lost.

Approved for providing protection against fire and explosive hazards during light-off and operation of gas or oil burning equipment. When the electrical signal is interrupted or when there is a loss of air pressure, these fuel line valves operate rapidly to isolate. This action may be initiated either by safety trip or normal shutdown sequencing. The units consist of a valve with actuator and solenoid pilot valve, and are approved as an assembly.